Thursday, April 27, 2006

Join the Growing Group

   You must have guessed by now - I'm a big believer in causes, so I'd like to tell you how to get involved in one that's at the top of my list. Supporting "Give Shelter From the Storm: Stop Violence Against Women" won't take any more effort than buying a T-shirt, and since the warm weather is around the corner, it's a time you might be looking to pick up a T anyway. How much easier could it get? Anytime from April 18th to May 15th, drop in to any Home Sense or Winners and you can purchase a "summer chic" shirt for just $14.99. Net proceeds will go to "Shelter From the Storm" and you'll look good, strutting your stuff in your conversation-piece attire.
   Last year the campaign raised $310,000.00 to help support 274 shelters for abused women, and 42 violence prevention programs across Canada. This year will see the Canadian Women's Foundation partnering with Winners, Homesense, Rogers Media, BMO Financial Group, Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, and W Network to work toward their goal of $400,000.00. If you're not sure of the worthiness of the cause, take a minute to drop by their website, and read a few stats, and survivors' stories.
   If violence is allowed to touch any of us arbitrarily, it could touch all of us. We can always sit back, do nothing, and just keep our fingers crossed that the whole problem will go away, or we could get involved. "Only action defeats violence. Join the growing group of Canadians committed to ... building safe, strong communities for all of us."

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