Friday, April 21, 2006

Meowing for Medals

   OK, I'm a cat person. My home has always been shared with a noble feline. Through they years, Burma, Muffin, Boudicca, Chiquita, and now Angel have all deigned to grace my humble abode with their regal presence, and I have felt my life to be the richer because of them. Maybe that's why this little story delights me the way it does. Let me share it with you.
   The incident took place last Thursday night, in Cologne. A baby was abandoned on a doorstep on a night that saw the thermometer drop to zero. Hypothermia would have killed the baby boy except for the intervention of a cat. The animal settled near the newborn and began meowing. It continued to loudly vociferate the baby's need until the homeowner opened the door to see exactly what was the matter. That is how the little one came to arrive at the hospital at 5 a.m. with only mild hypothermia. Uwe Beier, spokesman for the Cologne police, is calling the cat a hero.

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Andy Dabydeen said...

Nice good news story.