Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Turning the Pages

   The Diamond Sutra, printed in China; the first Atlas of Europe, compiled by Mercator in the 1570's; Leonardo's notebook; the original Alice in Wonderland, written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll - any of those catch your interest? If you wish you could take a peek at any of those, and more, then you need to check out this website. New software at the British Library's Online Gallery will allow you to "turn the pages" in 15 priceless volumes, and magnify the details. The Diamond Sutra, for instance, is the world's earliest dated, printed book.
   You might have to be patient while the program loads, so get a cup of coffee and sip while you wait. It's worth the time.

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Andy Dabydeen said...

That is cool! Gotta love how the world shrinks with the internet.