Monday, April 25, 2011

Giving Made Easy

If you're a fan of fair trade AND motherhood, you can bring the two together in one fell swoop that will end up creating a most beneficial byproduct. Follow the link here to find a coupon that will allow you to donate 20% of your purchase at Ten Thousand Villages. From April 25 to May 8, you can use the coupon to purchase goods in person or online. You'll be able to find a truly original gift for Mom, (or even yourself - why not?) and you'll know you've helped out the artisan who created it. The Ten Thousand Villages operate on the principle of "trade with a conscience." Their aim is to help build a sustainable future through trade based on the premise that every artisan should receive the respect, dignity and hope that comes from working hard and earning fair value for her/his work.
With all of that behind your purchase, you'll already be feeling good, but when you realize that use of that coupon will result in 20% of your purchase being donated to Habitat for Humanity Canada’s local initiatives, well, it will just be the icing on the cake! A great gift, a great cause - the right to decent, affordable housing - and a great feeling for you, all with the use of one coupon - giving just doesn't get much easier!

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